Typical Venetian dishes: our tips

Typical Venetian dishes: our tips

To fully understand the roots of a city, you have also to try its typical cuisine, that is an expression of the historical stages that characterize it. This is the case of typical Venetian cuisine, a clear manifesto of the city’s history, which has undergone the influence of all those cultures with which the Serenissima came into contact in its secular history. Being a seaside town, there is no shortage of local products, especially fish and seafood, but often revisited in an oriental key. The Republic of Venice, in fact, is historically known for its ancient trade with the East, from which it imported local flavors, especially spices such as pepper, cloves, cinnamon and others, all included in its culinary tradition. We have made a gastronomic journey with the most representative dishes of Venetian cuisine, to try absolutely during a weekend in Venice.


Sarde in Saòr: fried sardines with sweet and sour onions, sultanas and pine nuts; this particular condiment allowed to preserve the fish for a longer time, a comfort for the fishermen of the lagoon.


Risi and bisi: it’s a very simple dish, rice with peas, cooked with dried onion and sometimes bacon; the dish is finished with salt, pepper and parsley.

Bigoli in sauce: typical fresh pasta of soft wheat, similar to big spaghetti, and made by hand with a press that Marco Polo brought from the East, it’s seasoned with a sauce of white onions and anchovies.


Risi and bisi [photo credits Mypersonaltrainer]


Venetian-style liver: the recipe includes cooked veal liver with white Chioggia onions (but originally they used figs), olive oil, butter and various aromas, usually accompanied by white polenta.

Polenta and schie: they are small gray shrimps typical of the lagoon that are shelled, fried and served on a bed of corn polenta.


Polenta and schie [photo credits Lorenzovinci]


Venetian-style radicchio: crisp red radicchio leaves marinated with oil, salt and pepper and then cooked on the grill.


Frìtole: typical fritters of the area considered in the past to be sweet from the Republic of Venice, but today produced especially during the Carnival; prepared with eggs, flour, sugar, raisins or pine nuts and then fried, sometimes garnished with cream or eggnog.

Baìcoli and zaéti: they are Serenissima’s two oldest sweets and they are both biscuits. The first ones are dry and thin, ideal for soaking in coffee, in wine or in chocolate; they were eaten by the sailors who took them with them during long journeys because of their easy conservation, moreover they are so called because their shape reminds the seabass. The second ones are yellow corn flour cookies enriched with raisins and chocolate chips.


Zaéti [photo credits Onegreenplanet]

You just have to taste the dishes of this typical cuisine, ready not only to delight your palates, but to involve all your senses divinely.

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