Typical Neapolitan dishes: our tips

Typical Neapolitan dishes: our tips

Neapolitan cuisine has ancient origins and is a mixture of culinary traces left by all the populations that have inhabited this area in the last millennia. Traditional recipes are based on the use of common products in Italian gastronomic culture, but in this area they take on genuine flavors thanks to the uncontaminated nature of some areas and the particular processing of some products: two examples are the San Marzano tomato and the buffalo mozzarella, fundamental ingredients for the recipe of Pizza, declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2017. We have realised a gastronomic journey with the most representative dishes of Neapolitan cuisine, to try absolutely in a weekend in Naples.


Neapolitan Freselle: classic donuts of bruschetta and wet bread, with a unique and versatile flavor; in fact, they can accompany soups and salads, or be seasoned as a real bruschetta with cherry tomatoes, red onion, capers and oregano.


Pasta and beans with mussels: a variant of the most classic Neapolitan “pasta and beans”, it’s one of the many dishes of Campania that includes the combination of fish and legumes; it’s particularly tasty thanks to the freshness of the molluscs and the cream of beans.

Pasta and potatoes: a recipe that comes from the culinary tradition of the poorer classes, the Neapolitan farmers found this dish cheap and very nutritious; pasta (mixed) is seasoned with a cream of potatoes, carrots and chopped tomatoes, fat pork and provola.


Pasta with beans and mussels [photo credits GrandeNapoli]


Peppered mussels: boiled with the enclosed shell in a saucepan until they hatch, and then, when the fire is off, be flavored with parsley, pepper and oil.

Eggplant Parmesan: here the famous Campania buffalo mozzarella is an essential ingredient to be inserted in the layers in which slices of fried aubergine and tomato sauce alternate. Above is a fantastic crunchy parmesan crust obtained from the final baking in the oven.


Eggplant parmesan


Zucchini alla scapece: very simple to make, you need to fry the slices of zucchini cut into rounds and then marinate in vinegar with garlic and mint.


Babà: born abroad, receives his consecration in Naples; it has long rising and cooking times, despite being a piece of bread soaked in a sweet rum-based liquid. Once ready, it can be garnished with various creams and fresh fruit.

Sfogliatella: it can be curly or smooth, depending on the wrapping that wraps the stuffing of semolina, ricotta and candied fruit.


Neapolitan sfogliatella

You just have to taste the dishes of this typical cuisine, ready not only to delight your palates, but to involve all your senses divinely.

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