Typical Milanese dishes: our tips

Typical Milanese dishes: our tips

The culinary tradition of Milan has its roots since the early years of the Middle Ages, when the influence of the Lombards brought new spices and new methods of cooking food directly from the Central European gastronomic culture of those years. What are the typical Milanese dishes? We have made a gastronomic journey with the most representative dishes of Milanese cuisine, which is to try absolutely in a weekend in Milan.


Nerves salad: it’s a salad made from the cartilage of boiled bovine legs, left to cool, and mixed with various vegetables such as red onion, carrots, olives, peppers and parsley.


Milanese risotto: doubtless, it’s the symbol of Milan, recognized worldwide for its color; it’s rice cooked with the precious spice saffron.

Busecca: this dish comes from poor origin was consumed by farmers during Christmas night; it’s a hot dish prepared with tripe and beans.


Milanese risotto


Milanese cutlet: it’s a veal cutlet with a crunchy breading obtained thanks to the frying of stale bread fried in butter or lard.

Ossobuco: this type of meat is cooked in such a way as to keep the marrow inside, sometimes also used for the Milanese-style risotto; it’s no coincidence that these two dishes are often served together.

Cassoeula: dish consumed in winter, it’s boiled pork cooked and served together with cabbage, a typical Lombard salad.


Milanese cutlet [photo credits Mangiarebuono]


Polenta: obtained with corn flour, polenta is one of those dishes that is declined and mixed with many ingredients such as typical cheeses (taleggio and gorgonzola overall), mushrooms, sausage and much more.


Barbajada: dessert by the glass composed of a mixture of chocolate, coffee and milk that dates back more than two centuries ago.

Panettone: known all over the world, it has become the sweet symbol of Christmas par excellence. Today, the classic recipe, that includes the raisins and candied fruit, is revisited in many ways with many other ingredients such as chocolate, pastry cream and dried fruit.


Panettone [photo credits Altroconsumo]

You just have to taste the dishes of this typical cuisine, ready not only to delight your palates, but to involve all your senses divinely.

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