Typical Bolognese dishes: our tips

Typical Bolognese dishes: our tips

“The region with the best cuisine in the world”. The prestigious newspaper Forbes has crowned Emilia Romagna and its gastronomic tradition, whose origins date back to the Middle Ages and mainly to Bologna, whose dishes, now famous all over the world, were processed and served in the best aristocratic courts. The pillars of the Bolognese cuisine are undoubtedly pork, from which they obtain, for example, Parma raw ham, ragout and mortadella, and fresh egg pasta, with which they prepare tagliatelle, lasagne and much more. We have made a gastronomic journey with the most representative dishes of Bolognese cuisine, to try absolutely during a weekend in Bologna.


Crescentine with cured meats: better known as “fried dumpling“, it’s a bread dough rolled out with a rolling pin, cut into lozenges and fried. During frying, the lozenges swell and are ready to be accompanied with typical local salami such as Parma ham, mortadella and coppa.


Tortellini in broth: the particularity of the dish is in the filling, made with pork loin, raw ham, mortadella and parmesan, wrapped in a thin sheet of fresh egg pasta; tortellini are cooked in chicken or capon broth.

Bolognese Lasagne: from the union of fresh egg pasta, ragout and artisanal besciamella, one of the most tasty and complete dishes of the culinary tradition originates; lasagne are one of the symbols of Italian cuisine in the world.


Bolognese lasagne


Petroniana Cutlet: it’s a slice of breaded veal and fried in butter, after which it’s garnished with a slice of Parma raw ham and parmesan flakes; then it’s cooked again in a stock of broth until the cheese is melted.

Chicken galantine: it’s a chicken meat roll, stuffed inside with typical Bolognese cured meats (mainly mortadella) which are minced and combined with olives and other vegetables at will; this roll seems a sausage that then is slowly cooked in the broth.


Chicken galantine


Friggione: composed of very simple ingredients, it’s prepared with sweet onions macerated in sugar and cooked very slowly in tomato sauce and a little broth; this recipe has many variations, like adding sausages or other vegetables.


Rice cake: also known as “cake of decorations” because it was consumed during the feast of Corpus Christi in which they used to hang decorations on the houses’ windows, it has a sweet taste thanks to the cream of rice combined with chopped almonds and amaretti.

Certosino: typical Christmas cake of Bologna, it’s prepared with almonds, pine nuts, dark chocolate and candied fruit; it’s also called “panspeziale“, because it was originally produced by the “speziali“, who were the first pharmacists of Bologna.


Certosino or panspeziale

You just have to taste the dishes of this typical cuisine, ready not only to delight your palate, but to involve all your senses divinely.

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