The Iris Garden in Florence

The Iris Garden in Florence

When the Iris Garden opens its doors, you can say that in Florence spring is officially arrived.
There is a fantastic garden in Florence, right near Piazzale Michelangelo, that is open for just a few weeks of the year and features thousands of varieties of Irises (over 1500 to be specific, including 15 that risk extinction). For spring 2017, visitors can enjoy for free a breathtaking sitting in front of a carpet of colored iris from April 25 to May 20, the month of its flowering.


Iris garden – Florence

Born in 1954 to host the first international competition dedicated to the flower, the Iris Garden every year hosts more than 1,500 varieties of varieties of iris from all over the world including the rare aquatic species of Japanese and Louisiana iris. It’s the ideal place to take a break, read a book, listen to a little’ music, soak up the sun in the meadows that line the flower beds.

The Iris, the symbol of Florence
The etymology of Florence derives from flower: Latin flor / floris, therefore Florentia, then in Italian Firenze, in the meaning of the city of flowers. This is confirmed by the fact that the flower is a symbol of the city, known as the Florentine lily that is none other than the iris. The iris grows in the wild in various colors, but the Florentine is, by tradition, white (Iris Fiorentina). The whole valley and every hill of Florence in antiquity, in the spring, was a carpet of white iris.


The symbol of Florence

Originally the flag of Florence was an iris white on a red field, but after the defeat of the Ghibellines, the Guelphs winners overturned the colors and the flag of the city became an iris red and white. The same came up to us today.

What to visit in the Iris garden
The Iris Garden is about two and a half hectares and the area is divided into stone lanes, pitches, an artificial lake, areas where you can relax and maybe read a good book or just enjoy the view. A privileged oasis a few steps (literally) from the city hubbub.



The main attraction of the Garden remain obviously Iris: some of the flowers that can be admired here are protected species, now considered endangered.

How to arrive
You enter from Piazzale Michelangelo, but since the entrance is not well marked, follow our foolproof directions: turn your back to the back of the statue of David, entered the iron gate on the right at the beginning of the footpath along the boulevard Colli up to Piazza Ferrucci.

View from Piazzale Michelangelo

View from Piazzale Michelangelo [Photo ISF Florence]

Opening days are from April 25 to May 20. Open daily, 10 – 12:30, 15-19:30, Saturday and Sunday: 10-19:30.
Tel +39 055 483112. Admission is free. More info:

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