Mitoraj’s exhibition in Pietrasanta (Tuscany)

Mitoraj’s exhibition in Pietrasanta (Tuscany)

Pietrasanta, the “Little Athens in Versilia“, is a beautiful city in Tuscany. It has become a symbol for the sculpture since the Renaissance, thanks to the nearby marble quarries located in Massa Carrara. It is characterized by a lovely old town with medieval, Renaissance and Baroque buildings. From Piazza Duomo many  characteristic streets twist and turn, and make up the particular orthogonal map of the town. There you can find a lot of  small shops offering food and wine typical of the area and local handcrafts. Moreover, its strong point is definitely the strategic location, between the sea on one side, with the nearby Forte dei Marmi, Lido di Camaiore, Viareggio, Torre del Lago Puccini, and the Apuan Alps on the other side, which strand out against the city, making a real breath-taking panorama.

MItoraj - Premio Pietrasanta

Just during this week Pietrasanta pays its tribute to the great sculptor recently passed away: Igor Mitoraj. He was Polish, but moved long time ago to Versilia, to live and work, and he was also awarded with the honorary citizenship. In 1979 the artist, who was enchanted by the ductility and beauty of marble, bronze and clay, elected them as his favorite materials and decided to open a personal studio in the city, starting the union that the next show “Mitoraj Myth and Music” intends to propose.

From 18 April to 30 August inside the complex of Sant’Agostino in Pietrasanta (Lucca) you can enjoy an exhibition of his most important sculptures, the giants faces and busts, often wrapped, worldwide famous. To enhance the works, gardening experts have made a real “enchanted garden” where the clay sculptures have been arranged as a sort of theatre set, designed by the author when he was still alive.

Centauro - Mitoraj (Pietrasanta)

Centauro – Mitoraj (Pietrasanta)

The purpose is to let viewers enjoy the theme of decadence through the irreversible deterioration of the materials due to the passing of time, thus creating a continuously fluxing event. Thanks to the professional activities by Mitoraj concerning theater and opera, a rich musical program will be also offered, organized by the Puccini Festival Foundation. Since May 9, a weekly basis every Friday, will accompany the exhibition with music events and concerts. The scenic design will be enriched by the images of the photographer Giovanni Ricci Novara, already  collaborator of the Polish sculptor.

Foto MOSTRA MITORAJ a PIetyrasanta