Excursions around Taormina: here is what to see

Excursions around Taormina: here is what to see

The pearl of the Ionian Sea, a sought-after destination for both Italian and foreign tourists. Taormina is considered one of the most beautiful and famous cities in the world thanks to unique maritime landscapes and to its historical and cultural heritage. However, in its surroundings, there are many medieval villages and beautiful natural landscapes that are worth visiting during a holiday in Taormina; what are they? Let’s find out them together!

A balcony overlooking Taormina, with just over a thousand inhabitants living on a limestone peak overlooking the Ionian Sea. It’s a beautiful medieval village dominated by the Mola Castle that was built by the Normans; in the Hellenic era this village was the real acropolis of Taormina.


Castelmola [photo credits Borghiitalia]

A seaside resort a few kilometers from Taormina, Giardini Naxos it was the first Greek colony founded in Sicily by the Greeks and more precisely by the inhabitants of Naxos. In addition to the crystal clear sea and the expanses of golden beaches, it’s worth visiting the Schisò Castle and the archaeological park that contains several buildings ancient finds.


Schisò Castle

Located in the valley of the river Alcantara, they are a small canyon where the rocky walls are 25 meters high and are just 2 meters far from each other. Today, the gorges are part of an organic and natural park that you can visit and where you can also dive into the fresh blue waters.


Alcantara Gorges [photo credits Siciland.com]

A medieval village perched on a hill surrounded by the river Alcantara, it’s a real terrace overlooking the Ionian Sea, which offers a breathtaking view. The main attraction is the perfectly preserved Arab-Norman castle, which can be visited internally. The Church of Jesus and Mary and the Church of SS. Crucifix, both dating back to medieval times are worth visiting.



Its name derives from the elderberry plant, which features vegetation around this beautiful town. Precisely in this village some scenes of the famous film “The Godfather” were shot, especially in the Palazzo Trimarchi and in the bar Vitelli, a historic location where the first Sicilian granitas were produced. You should visit also the many churches (in the past they were 17), the convent of the Capuchin friars, the city gate. Finally, try the beautiful walk from the Castle of Pentefur to Calvary, which offers a breathtaking view.

Savoca_[photo_credits _Ciaotutti]

Savoca [photo credits Ciaotutti]

At about 462 meters above sea level, this ancient fortress is located overlooking the valley and the Messina coast. Even today, the village still retains its medieval appearance, with the stone and earth walls surrounding the districts, the strongholds positioned on the walls, the stone arches and the fifteenth-century churches. The landscape, that the country enjoys, is very spectacular because the view includes almost the entire coast of the province of Messina.


Forza d’Agrò

The city of Catania is a gem of baroque beauty set between the Ionian Sea and Mount Etna. From the Duomo to the Roman Theater, from the Odeon to the Ursino Castle: the attractions in Catania are really many, from which you can enjoy the wonderful view of the Sicilian volcano.



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