Atahotel Naxos Beach hosts the international meeting for the largest European Solar Telescope

Atahotel Naxos Beach hosts the international meeting for the largest European Solar Telescope

Not just relaxation between the scorching sun and the crystalline sea, but also international meetings on science. The Sun, in fact, is the great protagonist: from June 11th to 15th in Giardini Naxos (a few kilometers far from Taormina) at the beautiful resort of Atahotel Naxos Beach, the conference dedicated to the design of the European Solar Telescope (EST) and specifically the project H2020 PRE-EST will be held. Various partners will also take part in the project, including the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Catania and the INAF – Catania Astrophysical Observatory.


Project of EST

The European Solar Telescope project – indicated at the highest priority level among medium-sized ground-based projects in the ASTRONET Roadmap for astronomical research in Europe over the next 10-20 years, foresees the creation of the largest European telescope dedicated to the study of the Sun, which will allow to observe it with a detail never reached until today. EST will allow us to answer some fundamental questions, including the cyclical activity of the Sun and the stars, the solar layers and the repercussions of their magnetic fields in the atmosphere. The study of the biggest star of our galaxy will also allow us to know more effectively the implications that its action has on our planet.

“EST will be a fundamental pillar of the class of future-generation solar telescopes, capable of investigating the physical processes generated by the interaction between magnetic fields and turbulent plasma flows at the basis of solar activity” as explained by Prof. Francesca Zuccarello of the DFA of Catania, responsible for the INAF project. It has been declared, finally, that the telescope will be ready in 2027 and that it will be built in the Canary Islands.

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