8 steps in Lodi

8 steps in Lodi

The weather is beginning to get warmer and spring is on the way: get the chance to visit an unusual destination in Lombardy, Lodi, only 1 hour driving from Milan.
Come enjoy in advance this experience. We are here to give you a taste of Lodi in 8 steps.

1. The Vegetal Cathedral
On April 23rd, 2017 this land artwork by Giuliano Mauri will be inaugurated at the presence of Philippe Daverio. This innovative and impressive artwork is composed of 108 wooden columns hosting chestnut trees.


Cattedrale vegetale Lodi [photo credit starpier]

This particularly imposing work of vegetal architecture (1.700 sqm) will be created as soon as the trees will be grown. It is a place of silence and peace where people will have the chance to meditate, between art and nature.

2. Il Tempio dell’Incoronata
It is the most artistic monument of the city and the entrance is free!
Inside the temple you will be able to admire Renaissance masterpieces of architecture and painting. Designed by Giovanni Battagio in 1488 it’s completely decorated with frescoes, tables, paintings made by major artists who worked in Lodi between ‘400 and ‘800.


Il Tempio Civico della Beata Vergine Incoronata [photo credit giovanni_novara]

The Treasure Museum is housed in the underground spaces below the sacristy. The artworks represent a collection of liturgical objects connected to the history of Tempio dell’Incoronata.

3. The arcades of Piazza della Vittoria
Piazza della Vittoria is a must-see stop of the city centre. By walking under its arcades you will discover Palazzo Municipale, Palazzo Vistarini and the Dom. If you travel during the mid-week you’ll have the chance to visit the open-air market, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The square is renowned as one of the most beautiful Italian squares and one of the few arcaded square on all four sides in the world.

4. By bike
In Lodi you can enjoy “Slow tourism” thanks to its landscape – flat and harmonious – and a wide artistic, naturalistic, food and wine offer. Bike routes create an important network of 500 kilometers with different equipped itineraries also ideal for families.


Lodi by bike

5. The Via Francigena
The Via Francigena is the common name of the ancient road and pilgrim route running from France to Rome. The itinerary passes by Lodi, in Ponte Mariotto, near the Lambro river. After 4 kilometers you can reach the ancient “Curtis Sinna” dating back to Carolingian times.
Here the Po river is navigable and beautiful naturalistic landscape can be enjoyed.

6. Paradiso Fishing Park
This 13-hectare natural oasis is surrounded by a forest of 6.000 plants. The water canals host about 20 species of fishes: little red fishes, beautiful koi carps, catfishes, sturgeons. The park offers open air spaces and pic nic areas as well as under water views to admire the life of rivers without disturbing the fishes. A real paradise for children and grown-ups!

7. Mouth delicacies – the food
Lodi produces many quality cheeses such as the world-renowned Grana Padano DOP, but don’t miss to taste Granone Lodigiano PAT, the Raspadüra, delicate cheese petals that will melt in your mouth, and the Pannerone served with honey and mustards.
Sweet addicted will fall in love with Tortionata (a typical cake with butter and almond) and Amaretti Sant’Angelo (almond biscuits).


Food in Lodi

8. Mouth delicacies – the wine
San Colombano’s Wine and Lodi’s Flavor Route is a pathway that starts in Milan and splits along the Po Valley arriving in Lodi. You can travel 120 kilometers through alluring towns, villages and places where culture, art and history pair perfectly with the remarkable quality of local food and wine such as San Colombano DOC, San Colombano DOC Bianco and Collina del Milanese IGT.

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