5 must-see exhibitions in Rome

5 must-see exhibitions in Rome

Rome is the perfect destination for a weekend discovering the most beautiful attractions of the city, walking through the narrow streets in the evening and admiring the Tiber illuminated by thousands of lights at night. [Read Weekend in Rome, 2 days itinerary] Rome in these months hosts also a lot of exhibitions, to suit all tastes.
Here are five must-see exhibitions in Rome:
1) Caravaggio Experience – Palazzo delle Esposizioni – until July the 3rd
An impressive and original video installation, representing the work of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio in a contemporary and original way, never seen before. A whirlwind of large images, combined with a multi-projection system, original sounds and fragrances, creating a unique path of about 50 minutes.


The installation represents fifty-seven masterpieces, and has been created with the collaboration of many experts: the “The Fake Factory”’s video makers, Stefano Saletti with its original music, Claudio Strinati for scientific consultation, and perfumers of Santa Maria Novella Officina Profumo – Farmaceutica for exclusive fragrances.

2) Alphonse Mucha – Vittoriano Museum Complex in Rome – until September the 11th
Alphonse Mucha is one of the best-known Czech artists of the XIX century, father of Art Nouveau, known for his graphic works representing women in frames and innovative layouts. He is the main protagonist of the “Alphonse Mucha” exhibition, hosted in the Vittoriano Museum Complex in Rome.


Over 200 works of art, paintings, posters, jewelry, furniture, describing Art Noveau, very famous in Paris in the Belle Epoque and later in the United States. Alphonse Mucha wanted the union of the Slavic populations and of the whole human race, dreaming of a better world where ethnic minorities could live in harmony: these ideals are found in his masterpiece, The Slav Epic (1911-28). The retrospective is produced by Arthemisia Group in collaboration with the Mucha Foundation and curated by Tomoko Sato.

3) Barbie the Icon – Vittoriano Complex Museum – until October the 30th
Barbara Millicent Robert is perhaps the most famous girl in the world. It’s Barbie, the blonde doll, icon of millions of girls, that in 56 years of life has broken every cultural, social, linguistic and anthropological frontier. The exhibition “Barbie The Icon” at the Vittoriano Complex Museum, produced by Arthemisia Group and Sole 24 ore Culture Group, in collaboration with Mattel, is dedicated to her.

Barbie the icon Roma

The exhibition describes the life of the doll, which debuted at the New York International Toy Fair in March of 1959. Over the years, she has taken thousands of professions, represented more than 50 different nationalities, wore a billion of clothes and 980 million of fabric. The exhibition is structured on several levels, perfect for both children and adults.

4) I Macchiaioli. The unveiled collections – Bramante’ Cloister – until September the 4th
For the first time, important paintings of the Macchiaioli belonging to large collections of the past are hosted at the Bramante’s Cloister in Rome. Over 110 works or art coming from collections of the great patrons of the nineteenth century, which describes the Macchiaioli, important Italian painting movement of the nineteenth century. People can admire, for example, the “Ponte Vecchio in Florence” (1879) by Telemaco Signorini, “The red jacket” ( ca. 1895) by Federico Zandomeneghi, “Sforni reading on the veranda” (1913) and the “portrait of his wife Isa” (1902) by Oscar Ghiglia, and many others.


5) Correggio and Parmigianino. The art in Parma in ‘500 – Scuderie del Quirinale – Until June 26, 2016
Correggio and Parmigianino, two of the greatest figures of the Italian Renaissance, are the protagonists of the exhibition “Correggio and Parmigianino. The art in Parma in 500′ “, representing the two artists’ parallel paths through masterpieces coming from the most important museums in the world. The exposition highlights how Parma in the mid-sixteenth century was an art center like Rome, Venice and Florence. The ‘Madonna Barrymore’ and the ‘Portrait of a Lady’ are some of the most important works of art by Correggio, an artist known for Mantegna Chapel in the Basilica of St. Andrew, exposed in Rome. Parmigianino can be known through the “Bardi Altarpiece” and the “San Rocco”, realized for the Basilica of San Petronio in Bologna.

Correggio e parmigianino

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